1 Payment - The payment of the products shall be executed in advance by the User, upon submission of the Order, by Paypal or by credit card. Payments are considered to have been made by the User only when the related amount has been credited to the bank account of bobsdrunk.

2 Packaging - The products will be packaged and readied to ship in compliance with the standard protection methods generally adopted by bobsdrunk for the agreed mode of transport.

3 Shipment Terms and Conditions - The products will be shipped, at the latest, within 5 (five) days from the receipt of the payment in accordance with paragraph 1 above, and will be delivered to the User within 30 (thirty) days from the order date, according to the delivery term DAP – User’s address indicated in the Order - Incoterms 2010® ICC. Partial deliveries are allowed. Shipment date is not essential nor peremptory. Import formalities and custom duties of the products in the country of delivery will not be executed by bobsdrunk. ANY CUSTOMS DUTIES TO BE PAID ON THE PRODUCTS IN THE COUNTRY OF DELIVERY SHALL BE BORNE BY THE USER IN ADDITION TO THE PRICE ALREADY PAID TO bobsdrunk. The products will be delivered to the address specified by the User upon submission of the Order. The User will ensure that delivery of the ordered products to the address indicated by the User is possible during regular business and delivery hours. If the delivery address stated in the Order or any other information in the Order is incomplete, incorrect or misleading, bobsdrunk will not be responsible for non-delivery or late delivery of the products. bobsdrunk may, at its own discretion, resend the products to the User. Should this be the case, the User shall refund bobsdrunk of any additional cost possibly incurred by bobsdrunk as a result of incomplete, incorrect or misleading delivery address data or of any other information provided for by the User.

4 G s.r.l., via Piceno 18, 62012 Civitanova Marche (MC), Italy - email:

In exercising its withdrawal right, the user shall borne the shipping expenses for the return of the products, excluding orders processed and shipped in Italy. The right of withdrawal and its relative refund is subject to the quality inspection exercised by bobsdrunk upon the products. If bobsdrunk fails to deliver the products after 8 (eight) weeks from execution by the User of the advance payment under paragraph 1 above, the User will only be entitled to withdraw from the purchase contract and request restitution of the price paid, in accordance with paragraph 3.

5 Loss of the right of withdrawal - The user will result in the loss of its withdrawal right in case it uses or handles the products beyond the way strictly necessary to check its conformity to the order and its characteristics which result in a loss of commercial value of the products. Furthermore, the loss of withdrawal may occur in case bobsdrunk quality inspection department officially reports signs of wear or damage upon the products as well as loss in commercial value.

6 Consequences of withdrawal - In the event the user lawfully exercises its right of withdrawal, and the products returned has not suffered loss in commercial value do to handling by the user beyond the limits under 5 above, bobsdrunk will refund the user any sums paid for the products. Shipping expense for the delivery of the products, in accordance with paragraph 4, will not be reimbursed by bobsdrunk. Shipping expense for the return of the products shall be borne by the user, excluding orders processed and shipped in Italy.

7 Products to be returned - If the user is unable to return or provide bobsdrunk with the products previously ordered or is only able to do so in part or in a deteriorated state, the user shall be obligated to pay compensation to this extent, according to the applicable laws, as follows. In case the user is not able to return the products, bobsdrunk shall be entitled to retain the full price paid by the user as damage compensation. In case the user is able to return the products in part or in a deteriorated state, bobsdrunk shall be entitled to return the price paid by the user for the products, net of any damage compensation due to the deterioration of the products returned.

8 User compliance - The User cannot claim non-performance or breach of these Conditions by bobsdrunk if it is not fully compliant with its obligations under These Conditions.

* click here to download the return form in Italian or here for English version.

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