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  1. bobsdrunk represents contrast par excellence, composed of two opposite sides but in synergy with each other.

    On the one hand there is bob, the ordinary and classic part of the brand and on the other, there is sdrunk, the more alternative part, the exception to the rule. The union gives birth to a new and unique identity.

  2. Celebrating the dialogue between product and personality, becoming a point of reference in the independent eyewear.

  3. Add the extraordinary to your ordinary, just enough to express yourself.

  4. K represents the synergy of all the nuances that belong to a person, the union of the initial and final letters of bobsdrunk, merged into one single entity.

    The symbol is the synthesis of the logo, containing all our essence in only one symbol.

  5. bobsdrunk was founded in 2009 by a team of experienced opticians who had been operating in the eyewear industry from the 80s.

    The aim was to create a high-grade eyewear, produced by the competent hands of Italian manufacturers, that would acknowledge, or rather enhance, the identity of the person who wears it. Its unisex and timeless models have their roots in the deepest tradition of Italian eyewear. Contemporary and timeless, its styles show the legacy of three generations of knowledge.

    The experience gained in the field, competence and family tradition are the pillars of those values that demand attention to aesthetics, technology, and quality of materials, and that gave rise to our idea: bobsdrunk.

  6. Sophisticated and distinguished, he puts his lips on the glass and a shiver runs down his spine. He lets himself go to the other self, revealing his true nature.

    Bob gets inebriated too, just enough to be his true self.

    Whose glass is it? It belongs to no one or it belongs to everybody! Who would ever suspect Bob?

    Yet his being reveals itself when he can show all the controversies that are part of him. So, was that glass his then?

    Bob is the elegant one sitting all the way at the end of the bar. He looks at other Bobs around him, they all look alike, but he is different.

    He is not afraid to express his true essence. Today he has decided to take his time, adding the extraordinary to his ordinary…

    Bob is familiar with the nature of an individual, which sometimes is unpredictable, and nobody better than him celebrates the ambivalence of human behaviour.

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