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Timeless products and bold shapes coexist in the collection. The lines are masterfully designed to create a “bold lightness” effect, that we find again in our most iconic models, with character, with a bold design, and without a doubt light and versatile.

Each model is a perfect combination of aesthetics and functionality, from the moment of conception all the way towards the creation. Through the careful choice of colors, we emphasize the value of every shape.

Care and attention to detail, a high standard in the quality of materials and 100% made in Italy are easily recognised in each product.

Every pair of glasses is characterized by an emblematic detail shown on the front and on the temple tip, which highlights the value of the brand. The detail represents the union of the initial and final letter of bobsdrunk in a single symbol. The careful choice of materials, the selection of workmanship and the extensive chromatic research are the prerogatives for every bobsdrunk creation.

ABOUT / Acetate

Acetate is a natural origin polymer, mostly consisting of cotton cellulose, ideal for producing eyewear. Thanks to its workability and excellent aesthetic result, acetate is the ideal product to satisfy our continuous qualitative and chromatic research.

bobsdrunk uses a totally Made in Italy product, produced by the best artisans in the field (Mazzucchelli and LA/ES), guaranteeing lightness and aesthetic excellence in each model.

Acetate eyewear is the synthesis of functionality and style; a way to challenge both with minimal boldest shapes.

ABOUT / Metal

As an alternative to acetate, we offer stainless-steel and hypoallergenic metal frames, with silicone covered nose pads to avoid direct skin contact.

With metal glasses, we attract a sophisticated and timeless taste, while with the stainless-steel ones we appeal to the most original souls, thanks to the malleability of the material that allows us to experience with the most particular shapes.

ABOUT / Lenses

All our lenses are of the best Italian quality and they guarantee protection and comfort.

All the models of the collection have anti-reflective filters for optical and 100% UVA and UVB protection lenses for sunglasses. The latter are delivered with a filter level certificate.

ABOUT / Temples

Our types of acetate temples are tangible evidence of attention to detail and material. All the models in black are characterized by a particular bonding that highlights the core used inside the temple. Furthermore, the overlapping shapes and the milling of the temple tips enhance the distinctive bobsdrunk symbol.

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